Roman Amphitheatre, Tarragona

Tarragona, the ancient "Tarraco" played a very important role in the "Mediterráneo" and it is thanks to this archaeological legacy that "Tarragona" was proclaimed a World Heritage Site by "UNESCO" on the 30th of November 2000.

Two thousand five hundred years of history, with multiple cultures and a continuous urban life, have made Tarragona a city with a rich patrimonial legacy.

The most important historical-cultural influence left on Tarragona was that of the Roman Empire. It should be remembered that " Tarraco", the current Tarragona, was the administrative capital of the Roman province called Tarraconense for centuries.

That's why we can find Roman architecture and art in the capital as well as throughout the province, for example, the Forum, the Pretoria, the Circus and the Amphitheatre. There is also the Tarragona Archaeological Museum with subterranean walkways throughout the city's old town.

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